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Hi! I'm Emmilia Thomas. I sculpt cute miniature bird figurines for you! I finally open for commissions so you can order a custom bird sculpture as a precious memento of your beloved bird. Every piece of my work is completely handmade with love and attention to details. You will never find two items that will ever be exact, so each piece is completely unique and special! Please note that air dry clay can be delicate in nature, gentle use is recommended. The figurines will be shipped in a box from Indonesia.

Custom Handmade Bird Figurine Commission Info

Commission types and price list:
  1. Charms for phone dust plug:
    • Price: $20.
    • Materials: Air dry paper+stone clay, acrylic paint, matte varnish, random color strap, lobster clasp, plug.
    • Size: Not bigger than 1" L x 1/2" W x 3/4" H
    • Extras: Stainless steel bracelet is $10 each, available in several size and in several models. Beads and bells are about $5 - $10 per set. Braided bracelet is $5, available in 7 colors.
    • Examples:
  2. Small figurines:
    • Price starts at $35.
    • Materials: Air dry paper+stone clay, acrylic paint, matte varnish.
    • Size: Around 1" L x 1" W x 2" H including the base.
    • For the basic $35 price, the bird pose will be standing on both feet with beaks closed. No fluffed feathers/crest, no open beaks, no accessories (see the cobalt blue personata lovebird pic below). The price has included a round base and the name of the character on the front side of the base. Letters are embossed.
    • You may request custom bases such as a throw pillow, a book, a pumpkin anything with flat shape to use as the base where the bird stand/sleep. You can also request other items on the figurines or on the base top surface, such as accessories/pets/dolls/toys. You can order birds with different poses, 2 or more birds on 1 base. If you want, you can purchase a spring so that you can put the figurine on your car dashboard. All of these extra requests will be considered as add-ons and price will go up.
    • Examples:
  3. Medium figurines:
    • Price starts at $100.
    • Materials: Air dry paper+stone clay, acrylic paint, matte varnish.
    • Size: Around 2" L x 2" W x 3" H including the base.
    • This type of commission is for the birds that have their own cartoony designs drawn by other artists. I could also help you draw the design for this type of commissions if you want a design that's more elaborated/detailed than what I use for the small figurines above.
    • The price for the figurine has included a round base and the name of the character on the front side of the base. Letters are embossed. You can always dismiss this feature if you want a different kind of base or no base used at all.
    • Examples:
  4. Big figurines:
    • Price: $200 for birds without crest, nor plumage patterns (dots and stripes), examples: parrotlets, lovebirds, albino/lutino budgies, caiques, eclectus, sun conures, gouldian finches, buff orpington chickens, etc. $250 for birds with flat down crest, or a bit of plumage patterns (dots and stripes), examples: normal grey cockatiel, umbrella/sulfur/galah cockatoos, GCC, quakers, crested society finches, female zebra finches, recessive pied budgie, sussex chickens, etc. $300 for birds with raised crest, or complex plumage patterns (dots and stripes), examples: pearl cockatiels, lorikeets, afgrey, normal green and cobalt budgies, male zebra finch, spice finch, barred rock chickens, etc.
    • Materials: Air dry paper+stone clay, acrylic paint, matte varnish.
    • Size: 6" max.
    • This type of commission is for bird sculpture with a more realistic anatomy and painted feathers.
    • For the basic price, the bird pose will be standing on its belly, no feet shown. No fluffed feathers/crest, no open beaks either (see the personata lovebird pics below) For small birds like finches, I can sculpt them round fluffed body shape if you like.
    • For cockatoos, I can sculpt the crest raised and the head/neck feathers a bit fluffed. This will require extra fee though.
    • Examples:
  5. Other ideas:
    • If you have other ideas about what you like me to sculpt that I haven't listed above, please contact me and I'll let you know if I can do it for you. Below are some unique bird clay crafts I have made.
About prices & payment:
  • All prices are in US dollars, shipping and paypal fees are not included.
  • I only accept payment via Paypal.
  • Once I accept the commission and the client has agreed with the final price, I'll send an invoice via Paypal. The invoice will include the commissioned piece fee + shipping fee and 5% Paypal fee. Example: Bird figurine $75, shipping fee $25, Paypal fee = $5
  • If your order is less than $200, payment must be paid upfront and it's non-refundable.
  • If your order is more than $200, you may pay half before I work and half before I ship it. FYI, in case after 1 month I've finished making the figurine and I still haven't got the rest of the payment, I have the right to sell it to another person and the 1st half you paid won't be refundable.
  • I'll start working after I get the payment.
Shipping fee:
I use international economy shipping fee which takes 10-60 business days to arrive to your house. Shipping fee has included packaging materials fee, tracking code and also the item price insurance. In case the package is lost, you'll get your money back (just for the figurines, not the shipping fee).

List of the shipping fee:
1.) Charms: $15 to any countries (up to 12 charms).
2.) Small and medium figurines: $25 (up to 2 figurines).
3.) Big figurine: $40 for lovebirds and parrotlets, $65 other birds with protruding parts such as crests and long tails. The price is for each figurine.

IMPORTANT: I'm not responsible to pay for import tax or custom fee if you are charged by your custom office. Please check the import law in your country for further information.

Terms of Service & Copyright:
  • If you have any cool ideas that's not listed on the commission types above, feel free to talk about them to me and I'll let you know if I can sculpt them or not for you.
  • For a bird with color mutation, it's best to show me pics of your bird taken outdoor with shaded morning sunlight 7 - 8 am WITHOUT flash. It's best to take the pics of the bird on a porch where the sun light coming from the side of your porch. Do not take the pics with strong direct sunlight from top, the result will be like taking pics indoor with flash from your camera. Too much light will turn blue color into green and green into yellow. Send me pics from front, both sides, belly/bottom and back so that I can see the whole plumage color. You can also browse the internet to find pics of birds with the same color mutation if your bird has passed away. If no color mutation information is provided, the bird will be painted with the original species coloring. Any miscoloring because the client can not provide clear reference photos is not the artist's fault. Recoloring will require extra fee starting at $15.
  • Each product will be made upon order.
  • It will take about 1 - 2 weeks to work on the figurines because air dry clay takes days to cure. I post progress pics of commissioned pieces on my FB page.
  • All commissioned pieces are for personal use only. You are not allowed to use them for commercial gain, examples: making copies by using mold and sell them, or selling prints/merchandises from their photos.
  • You must read, understand and agree to all of these terms mentioned above before sending me a commission request.
How to order:
Please send me a PM to one of my social media accounts with details of commission types that you like to order, pics of your birds from several angles and your country. You can find me at: Twitter, FB, Tumblr and Deviantart Share on Tumblr
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